Lynx Unruly “We Nuh Worry Bout People” (Official Video)


The island of Jamaica has produced some of the most talented and versatile performers music has ever known. Dancehall, a musical art form in Jamaica, boasts a plethora of entertainers who are now gaining prominence within the pop and hip-hop genres.

From the Kingston/St Andrew region of the island, currently residing in Brooklyn, New York, comes an artist who is versatile in all areas of entertainment. Damion Oakley, aka Lynx Unruly, has been performing and recording for over a decade. As an actor, Lynx wowed audiences with his portrayal of Sammy in the movie “Krosses”, as well as playing himself in the smash movie drama, “Bashment” in 2004.
It’s no accident that Lynx would be involved in the music industry, as music flows through his veins. Being blood relative to dancehall’s Billboard chart topper Mad Cobra, sealed his fate. Entertaining is what this artist knew he had to do. This was his niche and where he belonged.
Lynx says he is “in love with music. I proposed to music and I am waiting for the date to put the ring on it.” He is not just a performer and writer, he is also a producer who produced the “Good Hope” Riddim featuring new talents also the Stage 33 Riddim that is making major strides right now with artist Amir aka Dada with the song called “The Topic”
Lynx can hardly be considered a dancehall artist only, however, as he delves in other genres, and is presently fine tuning a project which will enable fans to see his prowess as a pop artist as well.
Lynx is also currently working with famed producer Jerome Felix, aka Jerry Dawg, so fans already know that they have a lot to look forward to musically.
At the moment, the Unruly one is promoting his brand new single, “We Nuh Worry Bout Ppl “, . The remainder of 2017 and the future, looks bright for this artist who has experience, knowledge and wit. His determination and demeanor ensures his success, and fans can rest assured that what’s to come from Lynx is greater than what has been.

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Introducing Miliano Reign


Jamaica is known for an overflow of talent in Music Dance and thanks to Usain Bolt Track and field Miliano Reign is here with a different outlook on Music Read the rest of this entry

Mz Mumsie’s pick Protoje – I&I (Official Music Video)

I love love this tune!!! the video is done great and very entertaining! Had to highlight Mi Rasta Bredren “Protege”¬†

Humility – Community [CRE] 2015 (Official Video) @suss_media

Meet Humility …Suss Media endorsed and Sponsored! STAY TUNED FOR HIS BIO AND MORE!!!!

Really #Chronixx ?!?


We are all allowed are on opinions
In saying that ….wah really deh pon #chronixx mind with that statement?!?
Artist really take them career for granted these days! Yes I believe in black power and all those good things! and using your Jah giving Voice and talents to carry across good and positive Rasta Vibrations,but look hear one minute the same people who support you will fail you!

I posted this topic on Facebook and received many different views (showed me sum people have sum screwed up thoughts) But yet again that’s just my opinion…. Mz Mumsie


Media Darling @mz_mumsie from @suss_media

Suss Media is my baby ….I have a dream to create a Media Company that can and will help the youth in the business achieve bigger and better goals through there music and Social Media…..


@Jula_Fatstash – “FREESTYLE” (PROMO VIDEO) @suss_media


Suss Media  Kingston Jamaica

Jula formerly known as Young Cashino is working hard to make 2015 different from last year proven that Dancehall is not only in Jamaica,based in the Netherlands born to a Croatian father and a Jamaican mother Jula is determined to showcase his talent by releasing videos with all his new singles. Freestyle is Jula’s first single and video to drop for the New Year produced by Neosonic Productions the Video Directed by Susana Vilches And edited by Gaturo. Now currently working with Kingston based Mz Mumsie of Suss Media he is geared up for the new year armed with an arsenal of music.

Social Media:
Facebook: Jula
Twitter: Jula_fatstash
IG: Jula_fatstash
Snapchat: Jula_fatstash
Soundcloud: Jula Fatstash

Blessed Earthstrong to Bob Marley (Special Featured Pic)

Bob would have been 70 years old!
I wonder what he would have accomplished up to this time?
And would he approve of the state of reggae music?



bob marly



Sizzla bigging up Mumsie