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Welcome to Sex Lies & Dancehall

FB_IMG_1537390192366Most adults these days use Social Media to post there real and true feelings with out being judged not like one time when you were afraid to share your issues or concerns or just your desires I know I was but not anymore I feel free and ready to share ….

Why Sex Lies & Dancehall because most people can relate to feelings and emotions through music Dancehall just happens to be my choice of music while others might like Reggae Soca or even Hip hop ūü§ó

Stay tuned for my first post!!

Masicka “They Don’t know”



I cant lie this tune from Masicka is stuck in my head from day one…..It touches nuff topics from poverty to good times the streets are loving it. Read the rest of this entry

Sizzla says Crank Up!

Bike Life is a fast and energetic way of life full of speed and new adventures so who better to be a part of that life than¬† Miguel Sizzla Kalonghi Collins International reggae superstar who’s fast pace life jet-setting¬†all over the globe to places like Africa¬†Europe and beautiful Caribbean Islands like Barbados an Trinidad…Crank up team alongside other bike crews like #jamaicabikelife with Flicka dawg & Biggz General grandson of Bob Marley and Popcaans Unruly bike crew is dominating the bike scene in Jamaica cranking it up at bike shows and music video! Sizzla gives the youths a reason to put down the guns and stop the violence and learn to ride bikes safely…¬† Read the rest of this entry

Stop the Violence sings M-Gee


In the wake of all the Violence being highlighted in the media Dancehall artist M-GEE has decided to use his success gained in the corporate area to release “Stop the Violence” M-Gee is known for his hardcore dance tunes that have the ladies dancing but recently losing people to unnecessary violence he approached his newest single armed with ammunition using his words… To bring across a message he’s sings ūüé∂ūüéĶTired of the reef and the black clothes too much innocent people ah ground I beg the violin fah stop now to much condolence inna mi phone Read the rest of this entry

Zally says Call on Jah

Call on Jah brand new Ep from rising reggae artist Zally Produced by Grab Dem Records out of Kingston Jamaica and is on the C-Hawk Productions label with his first featured track  Mother of the Earth Zally reminds us that Reggae is a universal language that tells a powerful story.


Zally Mother of the earth

Read the rest of this entry

Ibru’s “My Life” (Offical Video)

Rising reggae artist Ibru is here armed with an inspirational message with his debut album “My Life” he tells a story of growing up in a time and place where you have to remain focused on your goals. The first single from his album is entitled “My Life” and is receiving a lot of support both locally¬†and abroad.


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WSTRN ft Alkaline “Txtn”


I absolutely love this track funny story behind this video as well I heard the song first before I actually watched the video to my surprise it was filmed in Papine in the market were I shop at least two three times a week… funny enough If you look close enough in the market scene you see me…Lol!

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Meleku sings Judgement Come & African Child

First time I glimpse Meleku was round ah Judgement Yard In my second home August Town¬† I actually consider Gola and Byrce Hill to be home …Meleku son to the famous Margo that Sizzla sings about in Dry Cry ..the love that they had created this talented youth who is here making his mark in the reggae culture. Meleku is currently working on his debut album¬†For Namesake¬† produced by Big 12 Records

meleku judgement come picture

Just close your eyes and listen to Judgement Come and you hear a young Sizzla Kalonghi 


Sizzla “Im Yours” Album


The brand new album from Sizzla Kalonghi entitled “Im Yours” ¬†produced by Jon Fx ¬†of FX Music group is quickly rising up the charts currently #3 on the Reggae Billboard charts with Damion Marley holding down the #2 spot with his 876 album Sizzla also was this high on the billboard next step is Grammy nomination ….. Read the rest of this entry

Lynx Unruly “We Nuh Worry Bout People” (Official Video)


The island of Jamaica has produced some of the most talented and versatile performers music has ever known. Dancehall, a musical art form in Jamaica, boasts a plethora of entertainers who are now gaining prominence within the pop and hip-hop genres.

From the Kingston/St Andrew region of the island, currently residing in Brooklyn, New York, comes an artist who is versatile in all areas of entertainment. Damion Oakley, aka Lynx Unruly, has been performing and recording for over a decade. As an actor, Lynx wowed audiences with his portrayal of Sammy in the movie “Krosses”, as well as playing himself in the smash movie drama, “Bashment” in 2004.
It’s no accident that Lynx would be involved in the music industry, as music flows through his veins. Being blood relative to dancehall’s Billboard chart topper Mad Cobra, sealed his fate. Entertaining is what this artist knew he had to do. This was his niche and where he belonged.
Lynx says he is “in love with music. I proposed to music and I am waiting for the date to put the ring on it.” He is not just a performer and writer, he is also a producer who produced the “Good Hope” Riddim featuring new talents also the Stage 33 Riddim that is making major strides right now with artist Amir aka Dada with the song called “The Topic”
Lynx can hardly be considered a dancehall artist only, however, as he delves in other genres, and is presently fine tuning a project which will enable fans to see his prowess as a pop artist as well.
Lynx is also currently working with famed producer Jerome Felix, aka Jerry Dawg, so fans already know that they have a lot to look forward to musically.
At the moment, the Unruly one is promoting his brand new single, “We Nuh Worry Bout Ppl “, . The remainder of 2017 and the future, looks bright for this artist who has experience, knowledge and wit. His determination and demeanor ensures his success, and fans can rest assured that what’s to come from Lynx is greater than what has been.

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