Welcome to Sex Lies & Dancehall

FB_IMG_1537390192366Most adults these days use Social Media to post there real and true feelings with out being judged not like one time when you were afraid to share your issues or concerns or just your desires I know I was but not anymore I feel free and ready to share ….

Why Sex Lies & Dancehall because most people can relate to feelings and emotions through music Dancehall just happens to be my choice of music while others might like Reggae Soca or even Hip hop 🤗

Stay tuned for my first post!!

About mzmumsie

Mz Mumsie is a Writer...Producer.. Radio Personality all around Media Darling with great ties to the Caribbean Reggae & Dancehall scene.She has decided to share one of her passions which is erotic stories written by her or sharing someone else's story! Stay tuned!

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